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It's the bonds in the smalls that makes us huge.
DC Searles


Be everywhere

Amazon Web Service

Google Cloud Platform


Linux or Microsoft

Operating in Linux, and certified in Microsoft.


Just about anything

From networking, coding, and even SEO.


How I do it

The basics

While getting the job done thinking of better ways to execute.  I am the guy that started at the bottom and worked myself up by finding solutions.

Smart Grinding

It’s nice to work smart, but getting the job done is always better.  Get down, get dirty and build knowledge for an opinion.


Case studies

Backend: Google Cloud/AWS. LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mariadb, PHP) stack
integrated with popular CMS. User authority controls, updates, API
integration, server file modifications, rerouting, compatibility troubleshooting,
SSL certification, security logs, and server to server buffers such as expired

Frontend: Modified popular theme layout and created original content.
Reformatted from heif to mp4, and stripped audio file for youtube content.
Produced using Blender 3d creation suite. HTML, API, QR codes and
downloadable web-applications control front-end admin and end-user
properties. E-commerce integrated.

Server Hardware

Installation of multiple 4U QCT Quantagrid Cloud Servers in designated sockets.  In addition decommission an old backdoor hardware device and establish a serial cable connection to new device.

Types of Racks involved-AFCO and Infinidate Racks.

Network switches involved- Arista 7160 Distribution switches 10GBe split porting in designated ports.  FS 1GBe switch in designated ports.

Valheim Game Server

One of the hottest games of 2021 available on Steam.  On the AWS, with docker file modifications.  Security and port controls.

MongoDB, Express, REACT, and NODEJS.  MongoDB standard port closed and data management files redirect to self manage.  Express framework for simplify workflow with NODEJS.  REACT for JS applications.  Sample boiler plates for web-design.