What We


Enterprise level

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

World’s first and only globally meshed fiber optic network.  Open source friendly and innovative on a collective level.  With innovation comes with the price. 

Amazon Web Service

The current dominator in the cloud space.  Setting the stand for the space requires some limits on open source resources.  Mass pricing availability allows flexible pricing to consumers.


Microsoft’s cloud platform and infrastructure.  Predominantly Windows based service with limited open source access.  Pricing is a premium to access proven infastructure.


Windows or Linux

Options and whats suited for your future needs

Each OS can be interchangeable for the most part.  When choosing an OS it is wise to consider current and future growth plans.


Open source and customized solutions from the ground up.  A hive mind mentality when it comes to troubleshooting.  With Google, and Apple using it as its core; it’s proven it’s commercial viability.


The current standard in operating systems.  Easy plug and play options for any professional.  Patches are more frequent and more user friendly. 

Data Science


Scalable cloud solutions

This is your business in a digital format.  Every digital information can be stored and categorized.  It might not be big currently, but together we are boundless.


We work our custom solutions from a server level.  Web, mail, vpn, app-servers on a demand for your business needs.


Track how and what your business is producing.  From general spreadsheet generated data analysis to Google analytics, to see web and sale performance, plan for the future.